Quarantine the Middle East?

A historical tidbit that showcases the "effectiveness" of the Quarantine Mentality.
A historical tidbit that showcases the “effectiveness” of the Quarantine Mentality.

Quarantine the Middle East – NYTimes.com.

What a fucking brilliant idea! Give this man a Nobel. Heavens know it’s reserved for good intentions these days. Let’s indeed quarantine the Middle East. This is sooooo doable. All we have to do is forget that it exists, then, let the TSA increase security inspection in our airports, because we don’t have enough of them already, and the overall economic impact of the delays on global economy is still negligible: just a few billion dollars a year.

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The reason for my current pessimism

There is a lot of rational people out there, on the right and left, whose political analysis of the various unfolding crises around us can be often astute. But at this stage, they all seem to be missing something – the underlying trend that is driving everything: the idea that when crimes perpetrated by the ruling elite anywhere go unpunished in this day and age, they invite chaos on a grand-scale, one that poses an existential threat to us all. What worked in the 18th, 19th and even the 20th centuries will not work now. No nation’s a fortress, and no people are immune from the fallouts of the myriad unfolding and seemingly localized crises.

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The end of human rights

The end of human rights – The Washington Post.

Indeed, the psychological contract that has evolved at some point in regard to human rights and the necessity of moving continuously forward on this matter has collapsed. We are moving into a very dark epoch in our collective history, and judging by the caliber of available leaders around the world, it’s bound to be a long one.