On Syria


  1. Never judge a people by their government, be it democratic or authoritarian. Governments are always fucked up, and peoples decent and good. 7:15 PM Jul 4th
  2. Syria’s Princess Diana wannabe wants her people to be part of the solution and not just complain. Hmm. How sincere http://tinyurl.com/nbr52q 12:34 AM Jul 5th
  3. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Syria’s ruler, God’s Most Perfect Moron, invites President Obama for a friendly chat http://tinyurl.com/klrpyx 12:36 AM Jul 5th
  4. I guess crackdowns and sham elections are meant as incentives to encourage popular participation in the national exercise in self-deception. 12:40 AM Jul 5th
  5. This time last year in Syria, scores of political prisoners were gunned down in the infamous prison of Saydnaya: http://tinyurl.com/nl9r86. 12:43 AM Jul 5th Continue reading “On Syria”

Of Hate

  1. The only way you can stand up to hate is to resist, with all your might, the nagging temptation to hate back. Mutual hate is all consuming. 1:31 AM Jul 1st
  2. Love is not the best defense against hate, indifference is. Your indifference to the hate aimed at you is your best shield from it. 1:59 AM Jul 1st
  3. Be indifferent to those who hate you, let their hate consume them not you. Their salvation is their responsibility, you’re not their messiah 2:18 AM Jul 1st

البطل المنتظر

علمونا في المدارس وكتب التاريخ أن البطولة حالة نادرة ونخبوية، لكن الحياة تعلمنا أن البطولة هي القاعدة في التاريخ وليست الاستثناء، وأن المواطن العادي في مواجهته الدائمة مع صعوبات الحياة اليومية وقدرته على التغلب عليها، في معظم الأحيان، هو البطل الحقيقي، إن هذا المواطن هو مفتاح التغيير الحقيقي في منطقتنا، وإذا كان ثمة أمل لنا للتخلّص من أنظمتنا الفاسدة والمفسدة والمستبدة، فلا يمكن لهذا الأمل أن يتحقّق إلاًّ على يدي هذا المواطن.