Tweets Of Self-Awareness

  1. The first gift of self-awareness was emptiness. The second was fear. The third was a sense of betrayal. The fourth was anger, and madness. 3:56 AM Jun 13th
  2. The fifth gift of self-awareness was self-reflection. The sixth was wonder. The seventh imagination and daydreams. The eighth inventiveness. 4:00 AM Jun 13th
  3. Evil predates good. Evil is the rule, the norm. Good the exception, the abnormal condition which we are busy trying to impose upon the world 4:04 AM Jun 13th
  4. The first human act was violent, because it was borne out of anger and frustration. That’s why we yearn for self-redemption and salvation. 4:30 AM Jun 13th
  5. Self-awareness made us conscious of the consequences of our violent nature and bred guilt. Guilt called for redemption and invented “good.” 4:38 AM Jun 13th


The Global Middle Class & Global Power Politics

Few observations tweeted on June 2, 2009 regarding a favorite topic of mine: the slow and necessary emergence of a global middle class. 

  1. An empowered and well-informed Global Middle Class can help open up the decision-making processes within the power elites.
  1. An empowered well-informed Global Middle Class can help check conflicts of interests between power elites through the democratic processes.
  1. The continuing prevalence of violent conflicts today results in part from the unawareness of the Global Middle Class of its own existence.  Continue reading “The Global Middle Class & Global Power Politics”

In Syria, Building a Civil Society Book by Book

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Damascus, Syria 

Leave it to others to devise grand programs for bringing democracy to the Middle East: Ammar Abdulhamid wants to lay the intellectual foundations of citizenship one book at a time.

Two years ago, with a small group of Syrian writers and academics here, Mr. Abdulhamid, a 38-year-old American-educated historian and novelist, founded DarEmar, a nonprofit publishing house dedicated to making canonical works of Western philosophy, social science, and literature available in Arabic. His goal, he says, is to print books that will foster “debate on a broad range of issues pertaining to civil society and democratization.”  Continue reading “In Syria, Building a Civil Society Book by Book”